• CollMi – Logistics (2022)
    • SummaryThe CollMi project aims to integrate FIWARE, iSHARE and blockchain technologies in the development of Collaborative Micro-hubs (CMH) that contribute to a more reliable and sustainable logistics value chain. Collaborative micro-hubs (CMH) is a new concept in the logistics sector based on advanced game theory methodologies, in which a group of logistics companies (express and freight forwarders) collaborate by sharing means and resources for the delivery of orders in a network of common logistics centers installed in strategic areas of urban centers. The main incentives for a logistics company to operate in a CMH are to reduce operating costs, improve the quality of service and cover a wider geographic area without major investments and upfront risks. The application of FIWARE, iSHARE and blockchain technology to this concept will provide a framework for sharing and accessing data, respecting its sovereignty and ensuring that each retailer has access only to information regarding their own orders (or orders from their customers) and that each logistics operator has access to information relevant to its operation – whether it is their own orders or those that have been subcontracted to deliver or to be part of such delivery. 


  • BIO-BEX-A – Information Systems (2021 – 2022)
    • Summary – The BIO BEX-A project aims to provide a fully digital and centrally controlled sludge treatment plant, based on data analytics. Its main goal is to reduce the contamination caused by the residual sludge obtained in water treatment plants, dehydrating it up to 40% more than other systems in the market and thus, avoid its deposit in natural environments without the appropriate treatment and help to fight against climate.BIO BEX-A has been designed as a sludge treatment service that operates through instrumentation and digital control technology capable of analysing the type of compound to be treated, salinity or pH among other parameters, in order to later use the appropriate pressure and temperature to dehydrate the sludge, having on one hand, the toxic residue, which is eliminated and, on the other hand, clean water.